Psychotherapy in English in Berlin & Psychological counseling Berlin Zehlendorf

Life unfolds with its share of highs and lows. Throughout your journey, various challenges and issues may surface, impacting you or your surroundings, prompting the need for change or support. If you are an English-speaking foreigner seeking assistance and psychotherapy in Berlin, discover a team of skilled specialists ready to lend an understanding ear. Our therapy sessions offer a space to explore your concerns, and collaboratively, we will craft tailored, step-by-step solutions to address your current situation.

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Possible psychotherapy goals in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf

  • Constructively managing life crises
  • Overcoming self-esteem issues
  • Reducing mental stress and anxiety
  • Finding solutions to conflict situations
  • Overcoming separation and grief
  • Reducing unhealthy habits
  • Overcoming depressive moods
  • Developing personality

We offer

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Our counselors

Dr. habil. Christian Kohlross

Dr. habil. Christian Kohlross


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Mareike-Stefanie Hess

Mareike-Stefanie Hess


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Psychotherapy- first session

Psychotherapy in English

We invite you to a non-binding first session of about 45 minutes, in which there is room for getting to know each other and discussing your concerns. After our conversation, we agree on precise goals and appropriate methods for their achievement.

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Psychotherapy in English in Berlin- duration and cost

The amount of sessions will be discussed with you, according to your individual needs.

Depending on the type of follow-up session please note the following fees:

  • Psychotherapy (HeilprG): 115 Euro
  • Hypnotherapy: 185 Euro
  • Couple therapy: 165 Euro

Health insurance and confidentiality

You settle the costs of our services as a self-payer and will receive session appointments without long waiting periods. Further information can be found in the service agreements that will be handed out to you on the first session.

Psychotherapy in English Berlin – Make an appointment

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